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  • How to be a reseller or wholesaler of Zmodo products?

    To be a reseller or wholesaler, please register here: or contact us at
  • Why can't I get the prices at Zmodo's website?

    Zmodo only sells direct to distributors or resellers. Please go to for global retail purchases. Other trusted online retailers can be found at
  • What methods of payment do you accept?

    There are four ways you can pay for your international orders on Credit Card, PayPal, Western Union or Wire Transfer.
  • How long can the DVR record? Does it keep recording while I'm reviewing footage?

    Please view our hard drive article at and use the storage calculator to determine how long your specific system will record. The DVR continues to record while you are playing back previously recorded footage.
  • Are the cameras waterproof? Can the dome cameras be used outdoors?

    The outdoor bullet cameras are weatherproof, not waterproof. They cannot be submerged in water, but they can be outside in normal weather conditions. The weather that accompanies extreme acts of nature such as tornados and hurricanes will damage the cameras and this is not covered under warranty. Most dome cameras are not able to be used outdoors unless explicitly stated in their product description.
  • What is the difference between a camera with a 6mm lens and a camera with a 3.6mm lens?

    A camera with a 3.6mm lens will have a wider viewing angle while a 6mm lens will be able to view further out with a smaller viewing angle. Please view our interactive demo at for an example of the differences.
  • Can I connect multiple PTZ cameras to one DVR?

    Yes you can. There is only one connector on the back of the DVR for RS-485, but you could splice all the cables into one cable to plug into the back of the DVR. You will need to set different dip switches on each camera so that each camera has a different address. You will only be able to control one camera at a time.
  • How do I install the new system?

    The physical installation is very simple. Each camera must be wired to the power source and the video input port on the back of the DVR. Please view our wiring diagram at for more information.
  • How many monitors can I attach to the system?

    Most of the DVRs have two video outputs. One VGA and one BNC video out. When using both outputs, most DVRs will have a Main Out and a secondary out. The menu system will typically show up on the Main Out only. The 9216UVDH and the ZMD-DH-SEN6-2TB have a loopout function and can have multiple displays hooked up at once. In order to hook a BNC connection up to a standard television, you will need to purchase a BNC to RCA adapter.
  • Can I change the types of cameras that come in your kits or change the number of cameras? How do I customize my order?

    Pre-made kits cannot be edited. There are many different types of pre-made kits and you should be able to find a kit that meets your specifications. If you are unable to, you may create a custom kit on most websites using the "kit builder" option.
  • What is the status of my Order or RMA?

    Before connecting to chat support, please have your order or RMA number available. Chat support may ask for your email address when looking up order or RMA status.
  • What kind of hard drive will work with a Zmodo DVR?

    We recommend that you only purchase hard drives such as: Western Digital AV-GP(Audio Video Green Power), Seagate Pipeline, or Hitachi Cinema Star hard drives.
    While selecting a hard drive, only purchase a 3.5" hard drive. Do not purchase a hard drive with a capacity larger than 2TB. Purchase only from reputable retailers such as: Newegg, CDW, Provantage,, Office Depot, eBay, and TigerDirect
  • Can I hook up an external hard drive through the USB port and use it as an internal hard drive?

    An external hard drive will only allow you to back up files that have been recorded to the internal hard drive.
  • How do I backup footage to a USB drive?

    Please refer to our Knowledge Base at and search for "backup video". You will find articles with step-by-step instructions and pictures to walk you through the process.
  • How do I playback footage that I have backed up to a USB drive?

    You will need to use the playback software on the mini-disc of the DVR or you will need to convert the video to .avi using the included software on the mini-disc.
  • How do I unzip the files I downloaded from your website?

    You will need to download WinRAR or 7Zip to unzip the file.
  • I lost my software disc. Where can I get a new one?

    Please check for the model of your DVR.
  • The DVR won't get past the initialization screen?

    a. If your DVR is unable to boot past the initialization screen or is constantly rebooting, it is recommended to check if the DVR behaves properly without the hard drive installed.
    First, unplug the DVR from the power source. Next, use a Phillips head screwdriver to un-screw and remove the top cover of your DVR. This will reveal your DVR's motherboard and HDD. Disconnect the red and multi-colored power cable that connects your HDD to the motherboard. Next, set the cover back on top of the DVR(do not screw it back on yet) and then plug in the power. If the DVR continues to not work correctly, then the issue is likely a problem with the DVR. If it acts normally, then there is an issue with the hard drive.
  • What is the default password for my DVR?

    a. The default password to the H81XX Series is 666666.
    The default password to the H80XX series is 111111.
    The default password to the H91XX series is "blank" or no password.
    The default password for the SBN/SAN series is 111111.
  • How do I reset my DVR to factory defaults after I forgot my password?

    Please refer to our Knowledge Base at and search for the model number of your DVR and then the word "reset", for example "SBN4 Reset" will show you how to reset the password on the SBN4. If you do not find an article that references your system, you will need to contact our phone support staff directly.
  • I need to run cables more than 165 feet. How can I do this?

    You must use CAT 5E cable to run video feeds longer than 165 feet. You will also need to use this cable with a Video Balun. With a Video Balun and a CAT 5E cable, you can run video signals up to 1000 feet. For any run over 200 feet, please power the cameras with an individual power adapter less than 200 feet away.
  • Can I make an extension cable for the 60ft cable that came with my system? What connector should I use?

    We do not recommend doing this. It will introduce more interference and you will not get enough power to the camera. It is recommended to purchase a cable that is one continuous piece in order to make this run.
  • How can I access my DVR from my computer and smartphone?

    Please view our networking guide at for our networking tutorial or view our Knowledge Base for additional networking information.
  • Why does the Internet only display the Zmodo logo?

    Please follow our easy to follow tutorial on our Knowledge Base at
  • How do I enable compatibility mode on Internet Explorer 9?

    In Internet Explorer, next to the refresh button, there is an icon that looks like a torn piece of paper. This is the compatibility view button. Click on it to enable compatibility view.
  • I have an "H" on the screen. What does it mean and how can I get rid of it?
    What may cause my system to keep rebooting? How do I format the internal hard drive? What may cause the system keeps rebooting? How to format your internal hard drive?

    Please check our easy to follow tutorial on our Knowledge Base at
  • Why does my DVR not respond to any button presses or mouse movements?
    I can't get to the Main Menu.

    Please check our easy to follow tutorials on our Knowledge Base at or
  • What app do you recommend for a smart phone?

    For Android and iPhone, we recommend using our app called 'Zviewer'. For BlackBerry, use Asee or HBplayer. For Windows Mobile or Symbian, use Qqeye.
  • How can I upgrade the firmware on my DVR?

    Most of our DVRs do not have a firmware update available. If one is available, you will need to get the firmware update from our phone tech support because if the wrong firmware is used, your DVR will be permanently broken. They can be reached 8AM-8PM CST Monday through Friday at 217-903-5746.
  • How do I record on motion only on my DVR?

    Please check our easy to follow tutorials on our Knowledge Base at or for the NVR, use this tutorial instead:
  • Everything is hooked up, but the monitor shows "video loss". I can't get any channels to show up?

    Please view the physical wiring again and compare it to our wiring diagram at:
    If that doesn't help, please view our quick setup guide on our Knowledge Base at:
    If neither of the setup guides help get video to show up, please use your hands to block all incoming light to the camera. The IR LEDs around the camera should light up, if they turn red, the DVR is probably defective. If the bulbs do not light up, then the cameras aren't receiving power.
  • I cannot get clear video at night?

    Usually that means there is a power issue. When night vision is activated, the cameras use substantially more power to keep the IR LEDs on. Please change to a higher amperage power supply to resolve the issue.